Testimonials - building services

Our clients have faith in our professional work

Building Plot Villa - H1

"We chose Sraymax based on the recommendation and seeing the houses they had built. During the months of construction, Sraymax delivered as promised, quality control, project management and monitoring and delivered exactly what we required and more. They took care of the management, material supply, building permits and all administrative tasks. They kept us informed throughout the construction. They pointed design improvements; made cost reductions where possible and still got our home delivered on time.

We are delighted with the final results and we believe we have achieved better value. This would not have been possible without a company you can trust completely to complete our vision. If you are thinking of building Sraymax should be your first port of departure. "
John and Maureen Fromson
Homeowners in Victoria, London

Construction of Independent House - C9

"Sraymax was great throughout the whole process, very patient from the beginning, explaining the whole process, accompanying us to hand over the project, and then, very thorough in completions and maintenance services. Do not hesitate to use their services again.

Sraymax home managed the project from start to finish and continue to provide its maintenance services. Their commitment to stay within budget and attention to detail was exemplary, especially since the construction was carried out during the financial crisis, the worst weather in city for several generations. I highly recommend Sraymax given its honesty and great friendly culture. "
Reginald Hoare N.
UK Owner

House Building Plot - B19

"We hired Sraymax to finish our house in Southern UK.
For more than a year were responsible for managing the work and always kept us well informed through phone or e-mail, of all the decisions we had to make. This was especially important for us as we usually reside in the Netherlands. Not only were responsible for the construction of the house, but also coordinated the execution of retaining walls, pool, terraces and landscaping jobs. Organized and managed building permits, contracts with architects and took care of the recruitment process with the suppliers of electricity and water supply.
We are very satisfied and rested with the end result and we have received many compliments highlighting the quality of the work. Undoubtedly we can recommend to Sraymax have met and delivered what they promised us. "
Alastair Cook

Construction of detached house - B14

"Now, having experienced aspects of construction in UK, we are convinced that the method did they use - charging a fee for their efforts in coordinating the construction, subcontracting companies at a set price - a lot of sense and gives more flexibility to the owner when developing ideas as the project grows.
Their attention to detail, advising on matters of design support in the difficult decisions we had to make, was very grateful.
Our house attracts the stares and comments of visitors and friends, highlighting the practical and logical ideas of the house, many of which are theirs.
Thanks for all their help - support and professionalism. "
Geoff and Pat Green

Homeowners in London Country Club

We the Miranda family with the help of Sraymax we could build our home in North London. After searching methods of construction in the market and analyzed the various offers and construction packages offered us by many companies through advertising, we focused on the options offered by Sraymax, builders we chose to make our family project to reality.
Like many happened to us, insecurity attacked us at crucial moments or crumble efforts involved to start building your own home. In that regard, my wife and I decided to study the company, both in appearance and in its legal registration in the College of Engineers and Architects, finding that all was well and all was in order.
Having overcome those fears and signed a contract, we find Sraymax owners and their people delivered with a high sense of responsibility and commitment to its customers. This allowed that we had no material delays or problems in the work progress.
Finally we must say that our construction project was successful and our house made to our liking, is now a reality for every one of those wonderful people who became fully involved to make it so.
Miranda Family

North London

The reason for this testimonial is to express my deepest gratitude, because since I contacted this company I walked things perfectly to fulfil my desire to have a house as I dreamed.
They were always friendly in the deal, understood from the beginning the layout of the house and made me a great proposal, money is always an important factor, so early on I sounded reasonable prices.
Every day I am amazed at how fast, efficient and professional working with you guys and your team was dealing with.
Every day observed as solved unforeseen issues that were presented and even today I am pleased. The house in a month was lifted, the quality of the materials used was high and the enthusiasm with which they work is contagious.
My sincere thanks go ahead!

Central Liverpool

Good afternoon!

This writing is to thank the good service provided in the period that I was buying the materials for the construction of my house. The attention given by Sraymax and its workers the day I attended was excellent, my family and me are very grateful. Feel free to give any recommendations to you without hesitation as their slogan says "the best option in the market." THANKS!
Anna Williams