Carpentry – perhaps the oldest form of human craftsmanship – is a skill that requires both knowledge and practice. Wood being mankind’s oldest materials employed for building requires great dexterity in handling it to produce an equally great piece of work. At Sraymax, we guarantee an understating of this great skills through our virtues like great attention for details, subtlety in handling, expertise in designing, discipline in framing, accuracy in cutting and art in finishing the wood to eventually carve out a piece of marvel for you! Our services are best known for their professionalism and the quality of end product. Each customer is not the same, so we work to understand your tastes and create something that you wished earnestly to own for a quite long time.

At Sraymax, we rely upon and extend a guarantee about the capability of our team. We have the most dedicated team to look after your needs exactly as you wanted them to be. Our team’s dedication stems from their passion towards their work and skilled craftsmanship that is necessary to execute the same. From small scale wood works to huge renovations of homes and custom designing, we take view of emphasizing the significance of carpentry experience to carry out the tasks.

We do all types of carpentry services or wooden work. These include: Windows, Permanent Outdoor, Space Conversions, Rendering, Extensions, General Building, Project Management, Plastering & Plaster Boarding, Bedroom Renovation, Internal and External Door Hanging, Skirting/Dado & Picture Rails, Tiling, Modern Wardrobes, Kitchen Fitting, Decking, Bathroom Renovation, Fencing, Summer Houses, French Doors, Brick & Block Work, Joisting/Roofing, House Renovation, Furniture, renovation of the kitchen, various Internal and External Wooden Work, Mantles and Fire Surrounds, Stairs, All other wooden work are also considered.

At Sraymax, we believe in a holistic approach towards our work. Our teams have contacts with people working in all flavors in the trade of construction and it is quite common to the point of being business as usual for client to ask us to organize and execute the entire project for them. House renovation? Custom built frames? You name it! We offer you optimally quick, professional and state-of-the-art quality work performed by the hands of a trained person – a mark that the work itself speaks of!

Carpentry services London

We understand that customers desire the work to be done on time with high quality. We follow the principle of “Right First Time”. Being thoroughly professional as we are, we manage the entire project end-to-end and liaise with local authority planning departments, architects and facility management. In fitting and in restoration of high-class premises, we also have extensive experience in London, and throughout UK. We believe in generating value for your money so we offer a price that the work truly deserves and is competitive. We understand the whole picture of your dream home and the place of carpentry in it. You can depend upon us, blindly so, to deliver on each carpentry service requirement you have and want to be served.