An efficient plumbing system is the cornerstone of a well sanitized home. Surely you don’t want to live in a home that coughs up water every now and then! We have a wide array of experience in water management and plumbing and have been providing the best of the services in plumbing for our London customers since a long time. We are noted for our efficiency and neatness in execution. We offer a range of services in plumbing from domestic to industrial water management. Needless to say that customer satisfaction is our motto behind all our excellence and services.

At Sraymax we undertake following plumbing services:

General Plumbing,toilets,hot water issues, burst/damaged pipes,tanks/tanking, showers, overflows, taps,pumps, waste disposals,cylinders and bathroom refurbishment, immersion heaters,Leaks.

For years across London and UK, Sraymax has been offering general plumbing services to a wide range of customers and has gained invaluable experiences in dealing with general problems and maintenance hitches. Because of our such vast experience in the industry we are one of the very few companies able offer a guaranteed rapid response with quality, should the need arise. Want to plumb that tap washer? Give us a call and we are there for you! Your bathroom’s going through a water ordeal? Call us up and we can refit the entire bathroom if necessary. Not only do we make it our business to own your problems and fix, but also we are fast! Usually we can get a competent at your doorstep in an hour to attend to your plumbing issues. Your calls – whether done at the conventional hour of the day or during night – will always be answered by concerned and customer oriented staff and bingo! We are on it! We have built a reputation solely on the quality of our work and valuable customer feedback and we stand by that. You are assured a high standard of service every time and what’s more? It gets better with our vast experience base.

Know what is hard part? Cleaning afterwards a plumbing/water related problem is done. Well not anymore! Our plumbers believe in end-to-end approach and clean up the things themselves without leaving you to deal with all the pile of rubbish and debris that is generated. All plumbing works are carried out to the highest standards and in accordance with best practice.

We understand that customers desire the work to be done on time with quality. We follow the principle of “Right First Time”. In fitting and restoration of high-class premises, we have extensive experience in London, and throughout UK. We believe in generating value for your money so we offer a price that the work truly deserves and is competitive. We understand the whole picture of your dream home and the place of plumbing in it. You can depend upon us, blindly so, to deliver on each plumbing service requirement you have and want to be served. Should you require any advice or assistance please contact us to arrange a meeting in our London office where we can discuss your requirements and ensure you receive the level of service you would expect from one of London's leading plumbing, building and contracting firms.


Plumbing services